Gotham comunity, Bruce Wayne included, prefers for online dating, because the Joker prefers gambling sites instead. You can find Selina profile on there too.

It was a joke, but not from Joker 🙂 We started with humor to get a smile from you. Im am reviewing because it is the newest site in the niche and it have a very big community. Such amount of people in that very short time period means only one thing: Invasion. It’s a joke again 🙂 Only good sites attract that much users. Or it can be a scam, so I decided to register my self and sign up for a free account. But first some tips about dating in the web.

As usual, you have to choose your nick/user, put some personal info, and choose some kind of suscription, free, or paid ones. As a free user you can not do advanced searches, but you can be found by others users who pays, this is the reason to spend some time writing a good profile, very descriptive, with pictures, etc. If somebody founds you, and your profile is not attractive, maybe they will bypass you. So take your time to write it, it’s important. Being honest is important too. You can put a model photo instead of yours… but in the first real encounter, the other people will notice the trick and probably report you as a scammer. Anyway, if they don’t, suppouse the oposite, you meet a person different as the pics you see in their profile, what you will think? It’s a liar. And, if the pic is fake, maybe all the profile it’s fake too, can you trust them? I guess not. So, this will be the first and the last date with that person. In the other hand, if you notice everything in the profile is real, you will trust them, and start any kind of relationship.

Other important thing it’s the kindness, when you establish contact with other people, physically or behind a computer screen, try to be kind and gentle. People feels better when somebody say something good to them, and tend to give a better response, it works in every kind of relationship. Did you saw “The Secret” ? There is a part when they say people gives more and do better things when they feel you cares about them and thanks and congratulate them for what they do. They give as example a wife cooking, when you say her “thank you, what a wonderful meat” or something, she will be happy, and next time will try to do an even better meal. You can get more from people with gratitude and kindness. It’s not different when you try to get a date on internet.