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As our title says, we will review sites dedicated to personals and dating, because there are many ones, and most of them are only scammers. Searching on Google will give as an approach, but we will go further and try to sign up, as real users to test every single feature of each site.

When you look for love and romance online you have to be very carefull, not only checking if a site is good or not, but the people you contact with, and the personal information you give to them. There are many malicious people out there using dating sites to search for victims. Privacy is a priority, because it’s very difficult to know other people intentions behind a computer screen. We will check if the reviewed sites have some tool to avoid being victims of such people, if they have some blacklist or if you can report profiles to be checked or closed.

Privacy is not always guaranteed when using public computers, like the ones in universities or cyber cafes, so be carefull when login to your profile using them. It’s better to change your password from home after using a non secure or public computer. And of course, never put credit card information, or something money related on such places.

If you have something to say about an online dating service you’ve used, here is your space to tell others about your experience. Don’t be lazzy and write to us, think your opinion can be very helpfull to others who are just giving they first steps in the online dating world.
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